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The Berklee City Music Network is a consortium of community organizations across the United States committed to delivering high-quality contemporary music instruction to underserved youth. The network is designed to demonstrate and promote the life-changing role that a contemporary music education plays in the lives of these students.

Member sites plug into a virtual network that gives them instant access to Berklee's online music resources. The Berklee PulseTM music method, which teaches music theory, ear training, and performance, is based on a library of popular R&B, rock, hip-hop, and jazz songs. Webcasting and videoconferencing technologies provide face-to-face interaction between Berklee City Music Network students at member sites and faculty and students at Berklee's Boston campus.

Membership in the Network is growing and strong applications are being received on a daily basis, attesting to a movement shared by groups of music educators across the country that appreciate the value that a contemporary music education can bring to a young person's quality of life. Member organizations meet criteria that includes a commitment to providing opportunities and means of creating social value with music resources for an underserved youth audience; a clearly articulated commitment to contemporary music education; they are well established and favorably regarded in their community; and their program facilities are well maintained and suitable for delivering a high quality music education in a safe environment. Learn more about our current membership by clicking one of the other links along the side of this page under the heading "Network Members".

Anthony Williams,director of the Mt. Airy Cultural Center receives an award from Berklee College of Music Associate VP for Education Outreach, J. Curtis Warner Jr, for outstanding service providing jazz education to Philadelphia area youth.